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SGO Student Reimbursement Funding Application

Did you know that you can get financial assistance from the SGO to help fund conference trips and other professional development activity expenses?

Well, you can! Funds are available for currently enrolled MLIS students and student organizations* for professional development activities.

Eligible Activities

  • Conference expenses, including registration fees and travel.
  • Events and special projects, such as speakers, forums or materials related to LIS in general or to a specific area of study.
  • Leadership development.
  • Collecting and presenting academic research.
  • Any activity which broadens students’ overall understanding of current LIS issues and practices.
  • Other purposes of which the SGO approves (such as business card printing costs. SGO has an approved template for use).

Ineligible Activities

  • Subscriptions or membership fees or other ongoing expenses
  • Tuition expenses or conference expenses required as a major part of class
  • Any incidental costs associated with a class or classroom work. Items such as books, parking fees, bus passes, etc.
  • Any activities not in line with St. Catherine University Code of Conduct
  • Alcohol or gift cards

Student must request funding within one year of the event or purchase date.

The maximum amount of funding to an individual for a conference per academic year for up to 5 years:

  • USA conference and event attendance: up to $100
  • US conference attendance AND presentation: up to $200

About Conference Reimbursement

Using the funding guidelines above, conferences that are required as a small portion of a class syllabus can be submitted for reimbursement. Examples include attending one local conference for a report required as part of a larger syllabus. Conference and travel associated with LIS7600 (International Librarianship) or any other class where the conference and/or travel is the core component of the class is not reimbursable.


  • Complete this form with amount requested. Be as specific as you can. After you have submitted the form, attach all your receipts to an email to If you have physical receipts, please indicate they are yours somehow and place them in the SGO mailbox (in the MLIS student lounge). Please note the SGO does NOT accept bank statements as proof of purchase.
  • Your grant request must be approved by the SGO Treasurer and GSAB. Any reimbursement amount over $200 must also be approved by the attendees at the SGO regular monthly meeting. GSAB and SGO each meet once per month.
  • Once approved by each organization, the funds will be deposited into your student account. Be aware – this reimbursement process could take up to three months.

Students who receive funding are encouraged to write an SGO blog post about their professional development experience.

Funding Cap

Funds are overseen by the Treasurer of the Student Governance Organization. In order to maintain a positive account balance, SGO has set a per-semester funding cap. We will fund reimbursements up to our semester allotment (estimated total of $800 per semester).

Students will be notified if and when we hit the cap each semester. Please submit your requests early. If you are unable to receive funding in the semester you attend a conference or other professional development activity, you can submit your request the following semester.

In an effort to serve a greater number of students, the SGO reserves the right to limit funding to the same group or person per year.  Contact the SGO Executive Committee at if you have any questions. 

We look forward to your proposal!

*Student organizations should only apply for SGO funding when their stipends from GSAB have been exhausted. On a case-by-case basis, student organizations may even receive funds from the SGO directly, without having to be reimbursed retroactively.

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