Click here for position descriptions of our three main officer positions: Chair, Treasurer, and Communications Officer.

Co-Chairs: Deb Eschweiler & Healther Carroll

Treasurer: Trish Vaillancourt

Communications Officer: Janis Shearer

ALA Representative: Lauren Cottrell

SLA Representative: Janis Shearer

SAA Representative: Deb Eschweiler

PLG Representative: Salie Olson

Graduate Student Advisory Board Representative: Deb Eschweiler, Janis Shearer & Trish Vaillancourt

Systematic Planning Committee Representative: Edward Malnar

Faculty Development Committee Representative: Kallie Schell

Student Services Committee Representative: TBD

Facilities Committee Representative: Mary Pukenis

Curriculum Committee Representative: Deb Eschweiler

Program Meeting Representatives: Heather Carroll and Deb Eschweiler (backup)

Faculty Advisor: Heidi Hammond


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