Meeting Minutes 4.4.2018

Welcome/Introductions – 5 minutes

Open Forum – 1-10 minutes

  • What do you want to talk about?

SGO Constitution – Emergency Vote to Revise, Provisions

  • Emergency vote to change SGO constitution to allow for electronic voting
    • Motion passed 11:1
    • A meeting will be scheduled to ratify this decision
  • Provisionally add Event Coordinator and Peer-to-peer Mentor Program Coordinator to the constitution and ballot.

SGO Leadership Nominee Announcement for AY 2018-19

Nominees: Full list of nominee statements here

In the event that the previous constitutional motion does not pass, elections will be determined by an in-person vote as stated in the current constitution.

  • Chair
    • Kaitlin Wolfe
    • Mary Pukenis
  • Communications Officer
  • Treasurer
    • Trish Vaillancourt
  • Event Planning/LIS Community Mixer
    • Cydnee Peterson
    • Kallie Schell
  • Peer-to-peer Mentor Program Coordinator
    • Ann Arntson
    • Cydnee Peterson
    • Kallie Schell

SGO Constitution Revision Committee Update – 2 minutes

  • Committee is making suggestions on existing Constitution
  • Hope to have revisions ready to present at May meeting
  • Are down one committee member, is there is anyone with this experience & has availability, please let us know
    • Thank you Lindsey Whipple volunteering!
    • We will investigate including financials

Financials – 3 minutes

  • Treasury update -Trish
    • Current balance, approved disbursements, etc. $3,096.22
    • Rachel Canoun $200 for AIIP
    • Margaret Brown $175 for ALA (waiting on receipts)

Student Groups : updates, events, requests – 5-10 minutes

  • ALA – Laura Gingras
    • Fundraiser will begin next week! Visit Chipotle on Ford Parkway on Tuesday after 5pm and mention ALASC and the group could receive 50% of proceeds
    • WAY Beyond Stonewall Event – Friday 4/6 @ 6pm in Recital Hall
    • National Library Week begins April 8, and the group will be tabling in the Library on Monday & Thursday, volunteer between 1130am-130pm if you can
    • Next meeting Wednesday, April 18 in CdC 17
  • SLA – Janis Shearer
    • Visit our blog for updates!
    • SLA-MN will hold a free event open to students on April 19 from 530-730pm at O’Gara’s. Register via this link!
    • Elections next week!
    • Next meeting Thursday April 12 @515pm in CdC 20
  • SAA – Deb Eschweiler
    • Elections ongoing & will end Sunday, April 8
    • Next meeting on Monday April 9 @ 530pm in CdC 20
    • Jobseekers Panel event at 6pm in CdC 20
    • NW Airlines Museum Tour happened this past Monday
  • PLG – Sallie Olson
    • Unions Panel on April 16 @ 630pm in CdC 361


  • Campus Integration – how will student centered space be impacted?
    • Emily Asch, St. Kate’s Library Director, is open to meeting regarding library space
    • Communicating in writing with Dean of Students, Provost, would be powerful
  • Cloud Library film – update from Esther Jones and/or GSAB rep(s)
    • Film DVD was purchased by the library and added to the collection
    • We will ask Esther if she has an update for the May meeting
  • Attend a Brown Bag Lunch on May 5 & hear Trish V’s data visualization presentation
  • Heather Carroll, SGO Co-chair, stepped down from her role with SGO at this meeting

Committees Reports – 5 minutes

  • Standard I “Systematic Planning” – Edward Malnar (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim)
    • Employer & alumni surveys: What to measure
    • Working on the surveys
  • Standard II “Curriculum”–Diane Lochner (Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa)
    • No report
  • Standard III “Faculty” – Seeking new rep (Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen)
    • Who will be the faculty chair for fall 2018?
    • The Faculty Development Committee, chaired by Dr. Sarah Dahlen, is charged with supporting faculty in teaching, research, and service. Some of their activities include maintaining the Faculty Handbook, planning the annual adjunct dinner, and facilitating an MLIS faculty and staff coffee hour about once a month.
    • No report
  • Standard IV “Students” – Seeking new rep (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski)
    • No report
  • Standard  V “Facilities” – Mary Pukenis (Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross)
    • Finalizing charge & goals
    • Researching 360 review & documentation

Questions? Comments?



Deb E

Heather C

Laura G

Lauren C

Trish V

Mary P

Jennifer R

Dan S

Alyson G

Lindsey W

Kallie S

Heidi H

Meeting Minutes 4/6/16

SGO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Funding Approvals
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $9,826.41 → $10,284.41
  • Student reimbursement
    • $600 over three years instead of just $200 per year? Discuss.
    • Keep at $200 per year – simpler, more financially viable and encourages students to spread out their professional development activities.
    • Decided to raise amounts per year instead, have 3-tier system of in-state, out of state and international $$ limits.
    • Allison will research exact amounts and suggest at next meeting.
  • Elections
    • Chair, Treasurer and Communications Officer positions open for the 2016-2017 school year.
    • Schedule
      • April 5 – 19: Nominations
      • April 19 – May 2: Voting
      • May 3: Winners announced
    • Students are encouraged to nominate themselves! Send an email to with your nomination. Voting will take place via an emailed survey to all students.
  • Student Curriculum Committee met March 19th
    • Minutes here.
    • Came up with various issues, solutions and questions we have regarding the curriculum in this program.
    • Central conflict: not enough students to conduct a variety of classes, but need a variety of classes to attract students.
    • Will meet with Faculty Committee on April 18 at 4:00pm in CdC 5 to discuss possible solutions/come to an agreement.
    • Meeting comments:
      • What are other LIS programs doing? Are they having similar problems?
      • Combine similar classes?
  • Course enrollment survey
    • Meant to narrow down course offerings to what students actually intent to take, warn students in advance of possibly cancelling courses.
  • Student groups update
    • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
      • Elections for Chair, Secretary open now. Email with your nominations (including yourself).
      • Panel event coming up: LIS Services For Adoptive Families – Friday, April 15th @ 7:00pm in Mendel 106
      • Last formal meeting of the semester on April 19th in CdC 5 @ 5:00pm
      • Informal meeting at Sea Salt Eatery in May yummmmm
    • SLA – Samantha Stepp
      • Got additional funds for SLA Scholarship, hopefully somebody applies
      • Elections too
      • Information Professional Panel 2: April 30th @ 12:00pm
    • SAA – Kristell Benson
      • “Turn a New Page” April 4 (last night). Had professionals look at resumes and cover letters and give good advice.
      • Cataloging pizza party was fun and interesting
      • Monday, April 11 is next meeting, “Preserve Your Sanity” Happy Hour is at 7:00pm at Tiffany’s on Ford Pkwy
    • PLG – Edwin Schenk
      • Re: Cataloging and Pizza Party, got ~75 books cataloged
      • Will need positions filled for next year
  • Committee updates (no updates)
    • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
    • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
    • Facilities – Kristell Benson
    • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
      • See Student curriculum committee stuff
    • Program – Allison Current
      • Working on the website, nobody seems to have an answer. Lots of documents lost when went to the new website.
      • Doing interviews for both Office Manager and IT Support Specialist
      • Tuition went up to $886 – had asked for a long time not to raise it and succeeded
      • 8-10 summer admits!
  • GSAB update – Allison Current, Deb Eschweiler, Janis Shearer
    • No meeting in March
  • Open forum – what do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?
  • Questions? Comments?


Meeting Minutes 3/1/16

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Conference call-in option: 641-715-3580 with access code 358-995

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Funding Approvals
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $10,141.41 → $9,826.41
  • Student Curriculum Committee created – will meet March 19th to discuss curriculum issues and formulate some stances.
    • Samantha Stepp
    • Liz Bastyr
    • Deb Eschweiler
    • Kristin Hall
    • Heather Carroll
    • Amber Yares
  • New Student Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
    • Facebook:
      • 81 members right now
    • LinkedIn:
      • 14 members right now
    • Student Kristin Hall has created these wonderful forums for St. Kate MLIS students to communicate. Check them out! They are both closed groups to allow student discussion of whatever topics we wish away from the prying eyes of faculty or administration. Simply request to be added and you will!
    • Good for job postings, chatting about program stuff and general library stuff. Professional networking. Hoping to expand. The more people we have, the better networking opportunities we’ll have.
  • Student showcase at the MLIS Summit
    • Kristin Hall ( is organizing and is looking for help! Email her if you’re interested or if you have some work you’d like to put on display.
    • Mini-conference for students looking to show off their work to LIS professionals and St. Kate’s alums in the Twin Cities.
    • Provides peer-review experience, presentation experience, professional networking experience for students who can’t make it to conferences.
  • Still looking for a student to sit on the IT Coordinator hiring committee.
  • Student groups update
    • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
      • Young Adult author panel at the Highland Park Library Saturday, March 12th at 1:00pm. Donuts!!!!!1
      • Next meeting is March 15th @ 5:00 in CdC 5
    • SLA – Samantha Stepp
    • SAA – Kristell Benson
      • Meeting on Monday
      • Opportunity to tour Target Archives Friday March 11th at noon. If interested, email Jessica Faucher or Kristell.
    • PLG – Edwin Schenk
      • Party at East Side Freedom Library on the 21st. Pizza and pop!
  • Committee updates (no updates)
    • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
    • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
    • Facilities – Kristell Benson
    • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
    • Program – Allison Current
  • GSAB update – Allison Current, Deb Eschweiler, Janis Shearer
    • Talked about gift shop/bookstore and cafeteria concerns (hours)
    • Alumnae/i relations did a presentation – events, workshops, etc.
  • Open forum – what do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?
  • Tasha was looking through the old ALA Google Drive and there was nothing on ALA’s inclusion in the summit.
  • Questions? Comments?

Meeting Minutes 2/09/16

SGO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Conference call-in option: 641-715-3580 with access code 358-995


  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Funding Approvals
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $11,045.90 → $10,141.41
  • Student group stipend discussion
    • Do we have enough? Or should we save it all for individual students?
    • Decided to keep with the old system, but student groups can ask for money ahead of time instead of getting reimbursed
    • IFLA counts as an international conference even though it’s in Ohio.
  • Greater collaboration with program
    • As SGO, it’s our responsibility to aid communication between students and the program at large. Advised committee reps to take on a more proactive role.
    • Kids in class
      • Will put a detailed blurb about Access and Success program in next newsletter – have many resources for graduate students with children.
      • Open forum – questions? concerns?
    • Curriculum
      • Forming a task force to lay out issues/changes we want to see, bring to the faculty curriculum committee
      • Send around sign-up
    • Student voices
      • Create SGO Facebook page for student-to-student discussion about the program in general
  • New electronic funding form launched!
    • Linked in first newsletter
    • Link also available on “Get Funding” page of the SGO blog
  • Student groups update
    • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
      • First meeting is 16th @ 5:00 in CdC 5
      • Nancy Sims coming on the 22nd to talk about copyright
    • SLA – Samantha Stepp
      • Toured Walker Art Center Library on January 28th
      • First meeting last Thursday
      • Information Professional Panel coming up Monday, Feb 29th
    • SAA – Kristell Benson
      • First meeting last night
      • SGO Liaison now an official officer position
      • VP is now Sara Butterfass
      • Fundraising committee looking into ways to fundraise
        • Smashburger has percentage of sales-type fundraiser
        • Bowling alley nearby also has several options
      • Annual report a success
      • PLG came by and talked about what they are doing with East Side Freedom Library project
      • Looking at doing a tour of the Target archives in March
      • Cover letter writing and resume practice for archival positions/library positions in general
      • Couple of outreach projects in the works with Minnesota State Law Library, War Road, and WARM
      • Next meeting March 14th
    • PLG – Edwin Schenk
      • East Side Freedom Library project
      • Partnering with some Asian student groups (contact
      • Hmong archives event happening tomorrow 5-9
      • Tour on the 15th at the Freedom Library, showing a movie at 7 after
  • Committee updates
    • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
      • No meetings yet
      • Often talk about research in faculty development meetings
    • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
      • Scholarships are a thing, check out the web page
      • Wendy will email Sam highlights
    • Facilities – Kristell Benson
      • We got new stuff! Standing desks, floor outlets, new carpet, new paint, new layouts.
    • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
      • New enrollment minimums causing classes to be cancelled (due to low enrollment in the program)
      • How can students have a stronger voice?
      • Many stakeholders – faculty, administration, students
      • Students forming committee to discuss curriculum issues and what changes we want to see – see bullet point above
      • ALA requires certain courses to be taught on at least a two-year rotation
      • Should enrollment caps be a percentage of the total students in the program rather than a hard number?
    • Program – Allison Current (Samantha Stepp)
      • Access & Success came and explained services – list of babysitters and child-friendly study room
        • Have baseline policy of no children but faculty can deviate from that
      • Discussion about portfolios & intent to graduate
        • students don’t know what to do, need to standardize portfolio requirements, put dates on advising form
      • Searching for replacements for Laura (Office Manager) and Nick (IT Support Coordinator)
        • Want a student to sit on Nick’s hiring committee – email SGO if interested!
  • GSAB update – Allison Current
    • Need one more liaison for this
  • Open forum – what do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?
  • Questions? Comments?