Meeting Minutes – 11/12/2019


Open Forum

  • What do you want to talk about?
    • ALA Student-to-Staff program will be accepting nominations shortly. Update will be sent out once officially announced. 
      • This supports an enrolled MLIS student to attend annual ALA conference for free – but they will have to work for ~15 hrs while there. Only cost to student is travel (submit to SGO for possible reimbursement). 
      • Student must also be: current ALA member, current member of ALA student chapter, and not have benefitted from this before. 
      • Will be in Chicago at the end of June 2020

Student Groups : updates, events, requests

  • ALA – Alyssa
    • Next meeting is Nov 19 in CdC 17
      • Tasha Nins (former student) will come speak at group meeting next week 
    • Maker-space tour at Roseville Library on Dec 14th 
  • SLA – Laura
    •  Next meeting is Thursday Nov 14 at 5:15 in CdC20 – will be writing Thank-yous for the silent auction
    • Silent auction last Friday – 9 students registered – raised $780 for SLA travel stipend to attend SLA conference (anyone in MLIS program is eligible)
      • MN Chapter will round out that number to have total of $1000 available for travel
    • Friday  Nov 15: Map Library @ UMN
    • Monday Nov 18: MnDoT Tour — there will be food! SGO will send out the RSVP to all students. MN Chapter is sponsoring this tour. 
    • Two officers positions will be open in Spring Semester
      • Co-Communications & Co-Finance chairs – planning to have elections in December
  • SAA – Dan
    •  Brown-bag lunch last weekend – useful info, great discussion
    • TCART Symposium was last week – Cydnee did a poster presentation on business archives
    • Tour of MPR – today – will have update later
    • Working on Spring tour planning & end-of-semester Pub-Trivia
    • Community project at RCHS continues on Saturday
    • Open officer position: Treasurer – nomination form open now, elections will be held and selection announced @ Dec meeting
  • PLG – Ren
    •  Meeting on Dec 3 will be a potluck. 
    • Also planning book-packing event on Nov 23rd (Saturday) – not confirmed, watch for updates
    • Raised nearly $300 with book-drive & bake sale; bought 20 books from Red Balloon for donation


  • Treasury update -Rachel
    • Current balance —>  $2,181.53
    • Reimbursements now closed for Fall 2019 semester


  • Graduate Reception – Monday, Dec 16, 6:30 – 8pm
    President’s Dining Room in the Coeur de Catherine (3rd floor)
    • Will have Congrats cards to sign at next SGO meeting
  • Fundraising: how to get funds to the MLIS student groups
    • Not much by way of updates here; still need to determine how funds look under new funding structure. Will re-visit in spring semester. 
      • SLA’s fundraisers do not support their own group, for example. 
    • VOTE at meeting: make fund distribution to student groups a reimbursement model – SGO will draft formal guidelines and have in-place starting Spring Semester
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring
    • Need new mentors for Spring 2020- will send announcement calling for interest later this month.  
  • LIS Mixer update: exploring venues and dates at this time, updates to follow @ Dec meeting. (Check with vendors like ASTM, Bloomberg, for possible sponsoring)
  • GSAB Updates: 
    • Survey for Dew-Drop lounge is currently open… 
    • Public Safety will be having an open-house next Tuesday, 12-2 & 4-6
    • Looking for possible activities to fund that aren’t program-specific. 
  • Will be adjusting SGO’s meetings to be on Wednesdays in Spring term (same days as Intro) – will ensure that we do not conflict with other student groups. 
    • SGO will send out a poll tomorrow
    • NOTE: All groups will need to email Deb ASAP to book rooms for Spring. 

Committees Reports

  • Standard I “Systematic Planning” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim)
    • Need a new student representative
    • no update
  • Standard II “Curriculum”– Kimberly Nicholson (Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa)
    • no update
  • Standard III “Faculty” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen)
    • Need a new student representative
    • no update
  • Standard IV “Students” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski)
    • Need a new student representative
    • Next big thing: waiting to find out Orientation date
  • Standard  V “Facilities” – Mary Pukenis (Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross)
    • no update

Some of these committees will have new faculty chairs starting in the Fall

Questions? Comments?

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