Meeting Minutes 5.7.2019

SGO Agenda – Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Open Forum
What do you want to talk about?

•  Treasury update – Rachel
Current balance —>  $3,043.23

Student Groups : updates, events, requests
•  ALA – no rep in attendance
            ◊ no update
•  SLA – Jennifer
Library tour: Sun May 19th @ 2pm: Hennepin Co Special Collections
            ◊  Congrats to stipend winner, Laura Bell
◊  New SLA leadership: Laura Bell, Clare Wedrickas, Marta Johnson
      •  SAA – Dan Sustacek
            ◊  Had tour of Vikings Archives this past weekend
            ◊  Archives Professionals Panel was on April 27
            ◊  Upcoming tour: MN Historical Society on May 21st
◊  Elections are currently open – close on May 12
◊  A community project is currently being planned
      •  PLG – no rep in attendance
 No update

•  Graduation Reception: Sat May 18th, 10:30am – noon
 Please RSVP if you haven’t!
      •  SGO constitution update
            ◊  Still in progress
•  Annual Officer Election Results
            ◊  New Chair for 2019-2020: Dan Sustacek
            ◊  Communications Officer: Aubrey Mullenix
            ◊  Treasurer: Rachel Farnham
            ◊  Events Coordinator: Kim Nicholson
•  Reopening Reimbursements – effective Sept 2019
            ◊  Potential changes in how $$ comes in, and where it will be going…
            ◊  Maybe have meeting with Samantha of GSAB in the Fall to understand situation

Committees Reports
      •  Standard I “Systematic Planning” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim)
            ◊  Need a new student representative
      •  Standard II “Curriculum”– Kimberly Nicholson (Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa)
            ◊  New Chair will be Kohne
            ◊  Upcoming changes to ePortfolio assessments
            ◊  Curriculum and course proposal policy changes under discussion

      •  Standard III “Faculty” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen)
            ◊  Need a new student representative
      •  S
tandard IV “Students” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski)
            ◊  Need a new student representative
      •  S
tandard  V “Facilities” – Mary Pukenis (Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross)
            ◊  No update
      •  S
ome of these committees will have new faculty chairs starting in the Fall

Questions? Comments?
      •  Campus Integration / Library Changes Update:
            ◊  This is going to happen, although the blueprints / actual space plan is still under                 discussion