SGO Leadership Positions Open for Nomination!

Nominate yourself or a classmate for SGO Leadership positions for the next academic year!
   – Chair, or a 2-person co-chair team
   – Communications Officer
   – Treasurer
   – Event Coordinator (think MLIS Mixer)
Nominations are closed. Thank you to all who participated.
Terms are for one year, and current officers must nominate themselves or be nominated for re-election each year.
Get involved with the program, help your fellow students navigate the system, and learn more about how it all works! SGO offers excellent networking opportunities with students, faculty, staff, and local professionals, as well as offering you valuable experience that employers look for.


Meeting Minutes 4.2.2019

SGO Agenda — Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Welcome/Introductions – 5 minutes

Open Forum – 1-10 minutes

  • What do you want to talk about?

Financials – 3 minutes

  • Treasury update -Rachel
    • Current balance —>  2943.24

Student Groups : updates, events, requests – 5-10 minutes

  • ALA – Laura Gingras
  • SLA – Janis Shearer
    • Happy Hour on 4/10 @5pm at the Happy Gnome (everyone welcome)
    • Elections at 4/11 meeting
    • Special Library Tour in planning process
  • SAA – Dan Sustacek
    • Planning tours, community activity
    • Spring Panel
  • PLG – Sierra Pandy

Topics – 5-10 minutes

  • Graduation reception (anonymous donation will cover expenses)
    • Sat. May 22nd — 10:30am – noon
      • Room has been reserved
  • Nominations for Event Coordinator position
  • SGO constitution update
    • Still in progress
  • Annual Officer Election
    • Nomination form & election timeline
  • Reopening reimbursements?
    • Table this for discussion at May meeting

Committees Reports – 5 minutes

    • Standard I “Systematic Planning” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim)
      • Need a new student representative in Spring 2019
    • Standard II “Curriculum”– Kimberly Nicholson (Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa)
    • Standard III “Faculty” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen)
      • Need a new student representative in Spring 2019
    • Standard IV “Students” – OPEN (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski)
      • Need a new student representative in Spring 2019
    • Standard  V “Facilities” – Mary Pukenis (Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross)
      • Faculty changes upcoming
        • Only 15 – 16 courses offered per semester due to faculty on sabbatical for coming year
      • Meeting next Monday re: campus integration / library changes
      • Bathroom changes requested – may need to go through GSAB to get response from facilities
    • Future state of these committees? Response from faculty chairs?





Questions? Comments?

  • Campus Integration/Library Changes
    • Student meeting next Monday, April 8 – Derham room 409, 5:30pm
      All are welcome to attend!

      • MLIS Faculty also wrote letter addressing concerns