Meeting Minutes 2.7.2018

SGO Minutes

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Welcome/Introductions – 5 minutes

Open Forum – 10 minutes

  • What do you want to talk about?
    • LIS Mixer had over 50 attendees!
      • Send us your pictures!
    • St. Kate’s Facebook Group Guidelines
      • Janis will remove ppl who have never been associated with St Kates LIS
      • Sugg: change desc to include current students & alum
      • Sugg: add to desc “no faculty”

Financials – 3 minutes

  • Treasury update -Trish
    • Current balance – $4,110.67 → $3,712.67
    • Discuss purchase of graduation cards ($70.80 for 200, $36.40 for 100)
      • We will order 200 cards for $70.80
    • Open for reimbursements again
    • Lauren Cottrell    Various    $115.00
      Anne Burkhardt    MLA        $193.00
      Mary Pukenis    LibTech    $90.00

Change Meeting Format Update – 2 minutes

We discussed a Saturday meeting option for all student groups

Suggestion to pilot a meeting prior to March 15 (ePortfolio) due date and have on day same as “ePortfolio  Workshop” on Saturday March 10

Deb E will draft email & send from SGO email by Feb. 15 (with input from group Chairs)

Is it possible to provide food/bring your own lunch?

Screening of Books and Clouds (Libros y Nubes) – 2 minutes

  • Here is the link
  • Esther Jones (MLIS student) is on the agenda for the March GSAB meeting
  • Considering planning the event in October, corresponding with Indigenous Peoples Day (October 8th).
  • Edwin Shenk (MLIS student) is on board putting together a panel

AIIP-Association of Independent Information Professionals- 3 minutes

  • Lynn Strand wants to come give a pitch to why students should attend this conference (April 2018), and join the organization.
  • On an on-campus Saturday 12-1pm?
  • Connecting with SAA & SLA student groups to organize

Student Groups – 5 minutes

  • ALA – Lauren Cottrell
    • Nexts meeting are Feb 21 & Mar 21
    • Brown bag on Saturday, March 3 from 12-1pm with guest speakers from school libraries
  • SLA – Janis Shearer
    • Visit our blog for updates!
    • RSVP to attend Feb. 26 JJ Hill Center Tour
    • SLA Annual Conference Stipend will be advertised soon!
  • SAA – Deb Eschweiler
    • SAA toured the Walker Art Center Archives on January 27th
    • 16 total attendees, 12 students
    • Next meeting is Feb 12th at 6pm in CdC 5
  • PLG – Rep not in attendance

Items below were not discussed at the Feb 7, 2018 Meeting

Committees Reports – 5 minutes

  • Standard I “Systematic Planning” – Edward Malnar (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim)
    • We did not have a regular meeting this month and instead counted our meeting as part of the faculty retreat on 18 Dec.  On that date, the faculty took part in a program SWOT analysis to reflect on the current strengths and needs of our program.
  • Standard II “Curriculum”–Diane Lochner (Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa)
    • Committee has not met since last SGO meeting. Dr. Yukawa has been informed that Diane Lochner will be stepping into the representative role this semester
  • Standard III “Faculty” – Kallie Schell (Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen)
    • No meeting in December
  • Standard IV “Students” – (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski)
    • Mary P will ask Dr. Lesniaski about the meeting schedule
  • Standard  V “Facilities” – Mary Pukenis (Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross)
    • Began a draft of our charge
    • Discussed facility improvements such as the new carpet, paint touch up and new art work for the lounges.
    • Reviewed the MLIS assessment plan in relation to our charge (Goal #4). Although this plan was changed at a meeting that would be occurring in the future we used this as a base of knowledge in order to create fundamental goals and activities.
    • Tony is asking the faculty to consider having the Committee administer a 360 review of him as of current no one evaluates his performance.

SGO Constitution Revision Committee Update – 2 minutes

  • Committee is looking over existing Constitution
  • Notes have been made, questions for Dr. Hammond & Dr. Yukawa are being formulated
  • Considering adding an Event Coordinator Officer

MLIS Summit Poster Fair – 2 minutes

  • April 23

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Laura G, Lauren C, Mary P, Laura B, Ren K, Sierra P, Kallie S, Dan S, Janis S, Trish V., Deb E, Pang Y & Heidi H