Meeting Minutes 11.7.17

Welcome/Introductions – 5 minutes

Open Forum – 10 minutes

  • What do you want to talk about?
    • SAMMIE (SW Area Multicounty Multitype Interlibrary Exchange) will host a grant writing webinar
    • Why were J-term classes removed? Low enrollment & as a 1 credit course it left floating credits

Financials – 3 minutes

  • Treasury update -Trish
    • We have our fall allocation – $1,852.83
    • Given our informal rule of spending our allocation + $1,000 each semester, we have hit our cap after these reimbursements below. I will email all students this evening about submitting requests beginning in Spring 2018.
  • Funding requests/approvals
Meghan Crandell ITEM $135.00
Amy Werner ITEM $80.00
Alex Ingham Colorado Association of Libraries $200.00
Jenna Emmans MLA $193.00
Rebecca Powers ITEM $200.00
Kari Gorter MLA $96.50


  • We will revisit funding requests in general at a future meeting

Change Meeting Format – 5 minutes

  • Monthly reports from student groups/committees
    • Don’t need to be read aloud at SGO meetings. Can be sent in and put into the minutes. Reasons for/against? For! We will email reps in advance to get updates & include in the agenda
  • Time for SGO discussions. Minutes of productive discussions
  • Monthly meetings of all students groups at same time on opposite-class Saturdays (with remote-access?)
    • This was not discussed in-depth. Should put on December agenda and send to leadership of all student groups for opinions.
  • Student groups can plan/co-sponsor events during these meetings
    • This was not discussed in-depth. Should put on December agenda and send to leadership of all student groups for opinion

Student Groups – 5 minutes

  • ALA – Rose Prullage
    • Discussing a grant writing and book binding & repair workshops during Spring 2018 semester
    • Spring 2018 co-chair will be elected at the last meeting this semester, November 15
  • SLA – Janis Shearer
    • Next meeting Thursday, November 9 @ 5:15pm where we will prepare envelopes to mail & solicit auction items for the Silent Auction which will be during the SLA-MN Holiday Party.
    • Register now to attend the SLA-MN Holiday Party via this link! $20 for students & that includes hors d’oeuvres, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages, library tour, and gallery visits. The date is Friday, December 8 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
  • SAA – Deb Eschweiler
    • No official meeting in Oct. Archives 101 panel on Oct 9th was in lieu of meeting. 4 working archivists at all stages of careers. Good Q&A after the panel. 13(?) attendees.
    • Next meeting Nov 13th in CdC 5 @ 6pm
  • PLG – Salie Olson
    • Looking into possible AFSCME union panel in spring
    • Looking to have an informational panel at our December meeting to inform people more about PLG (parent org) and PLG (us)
    • Next meeting Nov. 16, Dec 7
    • Little Free Libraries still good.
    • Checking into some volunteer possibilities

Committees – 5 minutes

  • Standard I “Systematic Planning” – Edward Malnar (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim)
    • Next meeting is Thursday, November 9
  • Standard II “Curriculum”– Deb Eschweiler (Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa)
    • Curriculum committee met on October 23rd
    • Main topics discussed: Review of work for AY 2017-2018, Different approaches to Research Methods education. Focusing on LS as well as IS. Discussed having more online and hybrid courses. All core courses should be taught by fulltime faculty. Revisit 7050 & 7920 as core courses. Reconvene the Student Curriculum Committee.
    • Diane Lochner joined the student curriculum committee
    • A suggestion was made to collect the concerns around LIS 7050 and present them to Dr. Molaro. Also to ask questions about the Fall 2018 course, will there be differences?
  • Standard IV “Students” – Wendy Dickman (Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski)
    • No report
  • Standard  V “Facilities” – Mary Pukenis (Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross)
    • Discussed acquiring funds (grants) for facilities
  • Committees are seeking student reps for:
    • Standard II “Curriculum” – Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa
    • Standard III “Faculty” – Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen

SGO Updates – 15 minutes

  • Dr. Molaro announced in the Advisory Council meeting that there will be a poster fair at the LIS Summit this year. Details forthcoming.
  • LIS Community Mixer (February 2018)
    • We invite professional members of the library community to attend and mingle with students, such as TCART, ITEM, MLA, etc.
    • Looking for committee volunteers
      • Heather will send a survey asking students about dates
      • Heather will include a question about volunteering
  • SGO Constitution (2 minutes)
    • Decision on 11/7: We will share via Google doc to mark-up
    • Constitution on SGO blog
    • Looking for committee volunteers
      • Edward Malnar and Mary Pukenis joined the Constitution Committee
    • Should we review of the Constitution?
      • Last revised in 2012
      • Election process: unopposed seats & write-ins
      • GSAB representation – update who can be a rep?
      • Program meeting – chain of command/responsibility in the case that normal reps aren’t able to attend
    • Update committee positions
      • Clarify description of the Communications Officer (vs the partnership with MLIS Office Coordinator)


  • MLIS credits received at other schools. Are they transferable to this program? SGO will work on getting answers.
    • We believe you can apply with up to six “other school” credits, but once you’re here, you have to earn all credits here. Is there discussion to change that?
    • Example: the University of Mississippi runs a 6 credit, 4 week MLIS program in London in early summer, would those 6 credits be transferable to this degree?
    • Bring this to the curriculum committee.
  • Program Meeting Update
    • There will be a new section of 7050 coming soon taught by Sherri Ross. It will be all online.
    • Accreditation visit scheduling. Available students will be asked to meet with the ERP (external review panel) during the visit. As of the current schedule, student group leadership is slotted in from 5:30-6:30 (CdC 20) and all available students from 6:30-8:30 (CdC 370) on November 6th.
    • Faculty are considering creating/adding online courses to bring in distance learners, and the possibility of creating a cohort program. Though it is still in the initial discussion stages of how to successfully achieve this and whether this is the right direction for our program.


Questions? Comments?