Meeting Minutes 10.3.17

Welcome/Introductions – 5 minutes

Open Forum – 10 minutes

  • What do you want to talk about?
    • How do you destress?

Financials – 3 minutes

  • Treasury update -Trish
    • Allocation coming later in October
    • $4184.20 ––> $3177.90
  • Funding requests/approvals
    • Kallie Schell – MLA
    • Kaitlin Wolfe – MLA – waiting on receipt
    • Elizabeth Johnson – ITEM
    • Laura Gingras – ITEM
    • Jen Dolen – SEI
    • Graduation mugs for December
      • It was decided that mugs would be purchased for Fall 2017 grads
  • Please ask Trish if you have any questions on how to get funding

Business Cards – 2 minutes

  • Call for a lead to take over
    • Mary Pukenis is interested in learning more
  • Trish will add language to the “get funding” section of SGO website relating to this

Student Groups – 5 minutes

  • ALA – Lauren Cottrell
    • Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rebel Reader activity! Thanks also for stopping by the table in the library to make a button. The Read-Out event was canceled due to time constraints, and will be planned further in advance in 2018.
    • Next meeting Wed 10/18 in CdC 20
  • SLA – Janis Shearer
    • Thanks to all who attended the Quatrefoil Library Tour!
    • Next meeting is Thurs 10/12 in CdC 20
    • The SLA Info Professionals Panel will be on 10/30, everyone is welcome!
    • Mark your calendar for the SLA-MN Holiday Party will be Fri 12/8 at the MIA
  • SAA – Deb Eschweiler
    • No meeting update since last month. The Archives 101 Panel is in lieu of the October meeting.
    • Tomorrow is “Ask an Archivist Day” #askanarchivist on Twitter!
  • PLG – Salie Olson
    • We are looking fill leadership roles, our focus is outreach & social justice. A survey was sent to get feedback on a better meeting time.
    • Next meeting is Wed 10/25 in CdC 5

Committees – 5 minutes

  • Committees are seeking student reps for:
    • Standard I “Systematic Planning” – Faculty Chair is Dr. Lim
      • Edward Malnar is interested in learning more!
    • Standard II “Curriculum” – Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa
      • Curriculum Committee rep position open
    • Standard III “Faculty” – Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen
      • Edward Malnar is interested in learning more!
    • Standard  V “Facilities” – Faculty Chair is Dr. Ross
      • Mary Pukenis is interested in this one!
  • Committees with student reps are:
    • Standard IV “Students” – Wendy Dickman

SGO Updates – 15 minutes

  • ePortfolio panel/workshop happened on 9/18/17
    • 23 students attended,  video recording will be shared online when available
    • What did you think of the event?
      • I’m glad I went, it was a good introduction to it
      • Format should be “less reading”
      • Some information was not new & some conflicted with itself
      • It would be nice to segment the presentation for intro, almost done or mostly done
  • LIS Community Mixer (February 2018)
    • Want to hammer out a date by October 6th
    • We invite professional members of the library community to attend and mingle with students, such as TCART, ITEM, MLA, etc.
    • Looking for committee volunteers
      • Heather will send a survey asking students about dates
      • Heather will include a question about volunteering
  • The following items were tabled to the next meeting due to time constraints
  • SGO Constitution (2 minutes)
    • Constitution on SGO blog
    • Should we review of the Constitution?
      • Last revised in 2012
      • Election process: unopposed seats & write-ins
      • GSAB representation – update who can be a rep?
      • Program meeting – chain of command/responsibility in the case that normal reps aren’t able to attend
    • Update committee positions
      • Clarify description of the Communications Officer (vs the partnership with MLIS Office Coordinator)
    • Looking for committee volunteers
  • MLIS credits received at other schools. Are they transferable to this program? SGO will work on getting answers.
    • We believe you can apply with up to six “other school” credits, but once you’re here, you have to earn all credits here. Is there discussion to change that?
    • Example: the University of Mississippi runs a 6 credit, 4 week MLIS program in London in early summer, would those 6 credits be transferable to this degree?
  • Program Meeting Update


Questions? Comments?