Meeting Minutes 9.12.17

Welcome/Introductions – 5 minutes

  • Introduce yourself:
    • Where you are in the program?
    • What is your general track? (It’s not unusual to be undecided!)

Financials – 5 minutes

  • Treasury update -Trish
    • Recap of last year with the new spreadsheet
    • $5485.22 ––>$4279.20
  • Funding requests/approvals
  • Funding Basics- Semesterly Introduction

Student Groups – 5 minutes

  • ALA – Lauren Cottrell
    • First meeting is September 20 in CdC 20 at 5pm, there will be pizza!
    • Partnering with the SCU LIbrary and ALASC for Banned Books week 9/25 – a Read Out is planned likely for 9/25, more details
  • SLA – Janis Shearer
    • First meeting is Thursday, September 14 in CdC 20 at 5:15pm, meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month during Fall
    • A tour of Quatrefoil Library is planned for 9/25
  • SAA – Deb Eschweiler
    • Fall meeting dates: All meetings 6-7pm on the second Monday (followed by all student social hour); location: CdC 5, social hour specific location TBD but Tiffany’s is the default
      • Mondays: Sep 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11
      • Mon Sep 11 Tour of CSJ Archives 5:00-5:30 followed by meeting at CSJ meeting room 6-7.  Social Hour did not happen
      • Discussed our two community projects, the WARM Journal digitization project, and the MCBA postal art and stamp collection project, and the upcoming Archives 101 panel on October 9th at 6pm in Whitby 101. Panelists have been confirmed. Also have panelists confirmed for a December 2nd brown-bag lunch round table of new professionals between classes. Locations TBD.
      • TCART Symposium is in November. Considering a tour of the Walker library & Archives.
      • Will need to hold special elections for our graduating Co-Chair, Zach Jansen, & Secretary, David Norris, in November.
  • PLG – Salie Olson
    • Working with ALA for Banned Books week.
    • Will have table at fall MLA Conference in Rochester.
    • Little Free Libraries are doing well. Previous PLG leaders installed two LFLs on campus: on Randall by gate and outside Butler Center. PLG keeps them nice and filled.
    • Will need a librarian student to take over stocking the LFLs and other officer positions.
    • First meeting: September 27 at 5pm in CdC 5. There will be pizza!
    • PLG is part of a larger organization and this chapter may be the only student chapter. PLG does a lot of outreach to the community such as a school supply drive.

SGO Updates – 15 minutes

  • Fall 2017 meetings for the remainder of the semester will be from 5-5:45pm on the first Tuesday of the Month (1 minute)
    Meeting dates for Fall 2017:

      • Tues Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5
  • SGO will visit 7010 classes to give a 15 minute presentation (<1 minute)
    • Done! Met with Tuesday class and still scheduling the Friday class meeting.
  • Peer-to-peer Mentor Program: Heather Carroll will send a mentee invitation email to all students with 12 credits or less and a mentor invitation email to all students with more than 12 credits (in house credits, rather than transfer credits).
    Heather is seeking a partner or two to assist with schedules, matching, surveys and event planning. (2 minutes)
  • SGO plans to take on two events (2 minutes)
    • LIS Community Mixer (February 2018)
      • We invite professional members of the library community to attend and mingle with students, such as TCART, ITEM, MLA, etc.
    • ePortfolio panel/workshop 7pm in room 102 in the VAB (9/18/17).
      • David Norris, who spearheaded this event with SAA last year, has agreed to Emcee with this event.
      • Dr. Hammond, Dr. Yukawa, & Dr. Molaro will be presenting
      • Dr. Dahlen & Dr. Lim will evaluate MLIS Portfolios in Fall
      • Dr. Lim & Dr. Lesniaski will evaluate MLIS Portfolios in Spring
      • Please consider volunteering with SGO leadership to help organize the panel/workshop in the spring (TBD in February)
  • Heather and Deb’s meeting with Dr Molaro, Dr Hammond and Deb Torres on Sept 12th (5 minutes) to discuss:
    • The general expectations of SGO – since we are student run, there are not any department restrictions placed on us. We work together with the LIS department.
    • SGO represents the voice of the student body.
      How do we envision that working?
    • Budgets and activities
    • Reaccreditation expectations of student group leaders – students will be asked to participate and meet with the accreditation board. Details are not known at this time, but will be posted when available. When we know, we’ll let you know. There may be email surveys, townhalls, or randomly selected students to be at more intimate meetings. It is just not known at this time.
      • The reason for the visit is to verify that what the department submitted to the board is accurate. It’s not a chance to only show a glowing happy-face with no issues. They want to hear honest feedback and constructive criticism from the students.
    • Starting this fall, Dr Molaro will schedule coffee chats as a chance for students to talk directly with him about anything. There would be in-person and virtual meetings to accommodate students who can’t attend the in-person.
    • One of Dr Molaro’s goals is to get alums involved with programming
  • The following as noted are tabled until next month
  • -Student groups and activities as recruitment tools SGO Constitution (2 minutes)
    • SGO Constitution on blog: status
    • Should we review of the Constitution:
      • last revised in 2012
      • Review election process: unopposed seats & write-ins
      • GSAB representation – update who can be a rep?
      • Program meeting – chain of command/responsibility in the case that normal reps aren’t able to attend
    • Update committee positions
    • Clarify description of the Communications Officer (vs the partnership with MLIS Office Coordinator)

Committees – 5 minutes

    We’ll discuss committees next month- here’s what we know as of now:

  • Faculty Development – Faculty Chair is Dr. Dahlen.
  • Student Services – Faculty Chair is Dr. Lesniaski. Wendy Dickman is current rep, but will be graduating mid-year so a replacement will need to be recruited in the spring of 2018.
  • Facilities – Faculty Chair is Dr. Yoon.
  • Curriculum – Faculty Chair is Dr. Yukawa. Deb Eschweiler is current rep, will be stepping down if replacement can be recruited in Fall 2017.
  • Program Meeting – Heather Carroll and/or Deb Eschweiler will begin attending program meetings in AY2017 as per the SGO Constitution
  • GSAB – First meeting is Sept 20th. GSAB has requested that all student groups have a representative. Kallie Schell has contacted Deb E and has identified herself as the PLG rep for GSAB. SAA and SLA are already represented by the current reps. We need to recruit an ALA rep! They ALWAYS have excellent food!

Business Cards – 2 minutes

    We’ll discuss committees next month

  • Call for a lead to take over
  • Trish will add language to the “get funding” section of SGO website relating to this.

Open Forum – 3 minutes

What do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?

Questions? Comments?