Meeting Minutes 5.11.17


Graduate Reception

  • Sign graduate cards
  • Monday, May 15th @ 6-8pm in CdC 401
  • Deb E. and maybe Heather will be handing out the cards


  • Funding Approvals – approved 1 student reimbursement and two catering requests
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $6,966.78 → ~$5,900
  • Can’t fund IFLA because it’s part of a class

Student Groups

  • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
    • Gene Luen Yang event coming up
      • Applying for honorarium, working on fundraising for that
    • Two new officers: Rose Prullage – new Secretary and Lauren Cottrell – new Co-Chair
    • Having meetings on second Wednesday of the month in the fall
  • SLA – Sarah Larsen
    • Last meeting of the semester – May 18 at 5:15 in CdC 19. We’ll have some treats, wrap up the year and talk about next year’s plans
    • Our 2017-2018 officers have been elected. They are:
      • President: Janis Shearer
      • Vice-President: Sarah Larsen
      • Secretary and Treasurer: Amy Werner
  • SAA – Kristell Benson
    • Wondering if SGO would be willing to help plan e-Portfolio panel and bowling social event
    • Looking for suggestions from students for events and places to tour
    • Need help with community projects – digitizing WARM Journals and going through mail art for MCBA
      • Contact for details!
    • No June meeting – Historically Accurate Costume Party May 23rd @ 8pm – please RSVP!
    • New Co-Presidents: Zach and Heather
  • PLG – Lauren Cottrell
    • Just had mailing party yesterday – journals are sent out
    • Talked about Gene Yang event
    • May have meetings twice per month on Thursdays in the Fall


  • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
  • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
    • Not meeting this year
    • Main things on the agenda would be managing the vetting of the research award and perhaps touching base on the orientation for new summer students
    • Possible idea for next year: coordinate all the scholarship offerings so applications are due at the same time so students wouldn’t be faced with different deadlines
    • Thinking about accreditation, one way SGO could be involved is to have informal sessions on what reaccreditation is, the process, etc. etc.– so students have an informed view of the overall process prior to the accred team visit
  • Facilities – Kristell Benson
  • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
    • At Faculty meeting, approved the new vision, mission and values of program
  • Program Meeting – Lauren Cottrell (backup: Deb Eschweiler)
    • All computers on campus are getting updated to Windows 10 over the summer
    • Administration recommended programs not spend $ on food providers other than Sodexo
    • Graduate Reception coming up
  • GSAB update – Allison Current, Deb Eschweiler, Janis Shearer
    • Bacon was served
    • Discussed how GSAB could be more engaging next year – cross-engagement between programs

Business Cards

  • From Zach: will get them done by the end of May.


  • Thursday, June 1st, 7-9pm – student group leaders should plan to be there – 1 or 2 reps
    • Check with Prof. Lesniaski to see what time to arrive
  • 10-11 students taking 7010 this summer

Open Forum

What do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?


There are university events that graduate students might want to be aware of that aren’t publicized to use (e.g., headshots for undergrads at the graduation rehearsal).


Dew Drop Bop is tomorrow! 30th Anniversary!
Questions? Comments?