Meeting Minutes 4.13.17



  • Winner:
    • Treasurer: Trish Vaillancourt
    • Communications Officer: Janis Shearer
    • Co-Chairs: Deb Eschweiler & Heather Carroll
  • Sam will email current officers and new officers to begin training


  • Funding Approvals – 3 approvals
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $6,062.78 → $6,966.78

GSAB General Fund

  • Two general fund proposals:
    • Lighting on campus: $1,500
      • MLIS Program not contributing
    • Community garden: tabled for now
  • To general fund: $250

Graduate Reception

  • Need someone to hand out cards at the graduate reception – Deb E. will do it, maybe Heather C.
  • Monday, May 15th @ 6-8pm
  • Sam will handle putting cards together

Student Groups

  • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
    • ALA Conversations will be held on Saturday, April 22nd from 12:15- 1:30 in CdC 20.  It will be an informal conversation with recent grads about the field and job market.  There will be pizza!
    • MLIS Summit is coming up
    • Gene Luen Yang event is coming up June 12th (see fliers in classroom for more info) – they need some help coming up with fundraising ideas so let Chayse know if you have any!
    • There is a scholarship available to go to ALA Annual!  Again, see flier in every classroom
    • MLA session proposals are due May 1st (Link to info)
    • Elections are coming up!  Email Chayse for more information on Co-chair and Secretary positions (he will probably also send out an email, but has been having some email issues)
  • SLA – Sarah Larsen
    • Our Spring 2017 Information Professionals Panel was on Monday and we had an excellent discussion with our panelists. We hope to have notes/photos up on our blog this weekend.
    • We are accepting nominations for leadership positions until April 17. Email if you are interested.
    • Our next meeting is April 20 at 5:15 in CdC 19.
  • SAA – Kristell Benson
    • ePortolio panel two Mondays ago
      • 22 people attended
      • Great discussion – Tony and Joyce were great
      • Should include this information in 7010
      • Side note: SGO should start hosting these programs (ePortfolio, Job Seeker Panel, etc.)
    • Job Seeker panel went well – 18 student attended
      • May split into two events next time between panel and one-on-one conversations
    • Officer elections going on now – please vote
    • New SAA internship directory on both national and student group website
    • Two new projects: Minnesota Center for Book Arts & WARM Project Journals
    • TCART still accepting scholarship applications
  • PLG – Lauren Cottrell
    • Next meeting April 26 @ 5:00pm in CdC 5
    • School Supplies Drive April 18-30
      • Really need backpacks and calculators. Will also take notebooks, pencils, folders etc
      • Bring supplies to box in the MLIS lounge
      • Will be donating supplies to School Tools Drive, which provides numerous outreach programs throughout the area with the supplies to distribute to students who need them
      • Partnering with campus ministry, who will have collections at their weekend services
    • Working on updating social media feeds
    • New positions: Kallie Schell taking over Twitter, Lauren Cottrell taking over as Secretary


  • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
    • Demonstration of Google Classroom by Dr. Molaro (to see if other faculty would utilize it)
    • Sarah’s grad assistant Chayse has been updating the evaluation for faculty performance
  • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
  • Facilities – Kristell Benson
  • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
  • Program Meeting – Lauren Cottrell (backup: Deb Eschweiler)
    • Revising vision and mission statement – bring to Summit for feedback
    • Poster Fair at the Summit
      • Two judges (Sook and Tony) will judge posters and determine a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner
      • Main categories are content, organization, and appearance.
    • New program website is now live
      • Plan to add all student officers to the student representative section.
      • Groups should check the Student Organizations tab to make sure the links to their sites are correct.
      • If you have an event coming up it can be posted on the site.
  • GSAB update – Allison Current, Deb Eschweiler, Janis Shearer

Business Cards

  • From Zach: I plan to get the templates and design instructions (concerning font, text size, coloring, etc.) done over the weekend, so should have them to you by sometime next week.


  • Thursday, June 1st, 7-9pm – student group leaders should plan to be there
  • 10-11 students taking 7010 this summer

Open Forum

What do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?


Questions? Comments?