Meeting Minutes 9.15.16

Thursday, September 15, 2016



  • Funding Approvals
    • Zetta Elliot funding is for a $600 honorarium, not expenses. Re-approve?
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $8,080.03 → $8,326.15 (before tonight’s funding approvals)
    • Allison reach to students and get receipts
  • Student Reimbursement Changes
    • At our summer meeting, considered the possibility of a per-semester funding cap of semester stipend + $1,000. It would be first come, first serve for students seeking funding.
    • For future officers, will suggest a cushion of $2,000 and only spending up to the amount of that semester’s stipend.
    • Sounds reasonable
  • SGO: Putting the “Fun” In “Funding” (Funding Information Session)
    • Monday, October 17, 6:00pm in CdC 20
    • We’ll be covering how to apply for funding, how much you can get, and what you can do with it, as well as where our money comes from, how much we get, and how it gets distributed.
    • There will be $nack$! You should come!

Reaching Out To Online MLIS Students

  • Tasha received one email from online student about interest in getting involved in our program/our professional development activities.
  • Brainstormed ideas as to how to reach out to online MLIS students. Tasha will ask around at MLA.
  • Listervs for online MLIS programs?
  • Regs prevent us from having online students be members of our student orgs? – Check in with student group coordinator for ALA
  • Restrict to online students who live in MN?
  • Reach out to online student program heads and let them know about us, reach out that way. Get the newsletter. Stuff like SAA Archivist’s panel. Include literature about benefit to students – professional development, networking.
  • MCTC Library Tech program.

Student Groups

  • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
    • Just had first meeting and had introductions
    • Laid out why ALA is important, importance of involvement at national, local and student chapter level
    • Joining MLA is super cheap, bundle with ALA, cheaper entrance to conference coming up in Sept
  • SLA – Sarah Larsen & Katelyn Torell
    • Had first meeting last week, talked about plans for the year
    • Lots of interest in a panel and a tour
    • Interest in Historical Society Library, working with SAA on that; possible music library
  • SAA – Kristell Benson
    • Had first meeting last week (actually met throughout summer)
    • New WordPress site! includes meeting minutes
    • Archives panel on October 10, 6-8pm in Whitby 121
      • Four different archives professionals. Open to everyone – applies to everyone
      • Last one was great
    • Is there onsite instruction for archives projects you do? Digitizing the WARM Journal right now. Cataloging right now.
    • Have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a listserv, and a blog. Lots of ways to get involved!
    • Classic film-showing party at the end of the semester
    • October 5th is Ask An Archivist Day! #AskAnArchivist
    • Toured the St. Kate’s Archives as a welcome-back event. Saw a WWII sanitation toilet. Kristell: “pretty gross.” Hoping to do a similar event at the beginning of every year, get new students involved.
  • PLG – Salie Olson
    • Still getting things started, in coordination with Prof. Lesniaski.
    • Little Free Libraries are doing well!
    • Extra stack of books in CdC 17.


  • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
  • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
  • Facilities – Kristell Benson
  • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
    • Curriculum survey sent out to stakeholders – receiving feedback on new SLOs. Take it!
    • Response rate has been about 33%
    • Faculty will meet 4x throughout semester to discuss and discuss changes
    • Will also discuss possibility of transferring credits during program
  • Program – Samantha Stepp
    • Introduced new employees – Toyin and Janis
    • Technology agenda items from Toyin – relevant to students was the piece about the Macbook Pros in CdC 5: anyone who logs in is set up as an Administrator, which is a problem because IT wants different levels of security for students and professors, don’t want students going in and changing settings on the machines. However, some professors want students to be able to download programs during class (e.g., Makerspaces). Ended in professor-favored stalemate.
  • GSAB update – Allison Current, Deb Eschweiler, Janis Shearer

Open Forum

What do you want to talk about? Anything we want student reps to tell committees?

Ebooks – picked up card with code. $50 through St. Kate’s Bookstore but only $28 through publisher. Third party between bookstore and publisher. Library open-source texts a solution?

7160 Leadership

Brainstorm ways to reach out to professors and let you know.

Questions? Comments?