Meeting Dates for Spring 2016

SGO will be meeting on the following dates next semester so be sure to add them to your calendar!

  • February 9
  • March 1
  • April 5
  • May 3

All meetings will take place in CdC 20 from 5:00-5:45 PM

See you there!


Meeting Minutes 12/03/15

SGO Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 3, 2015

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Tues/Thurs Meetings Discussion?
  • Funding approvals
    • – 1 student approved
  • Treasury update – Allison Current
    • $12,288.55 → $11,045.90
  • Student groups update
    • ALA – Tasha McLachlan
      • Met with Outreach Coordinator at St. Kate’s Library for an author event, want to get an international author
      • Antonio working on a project with Highland Park Library
        • Teen Spring Writing Contest!
        • Have one month to write up a short story, get entered into a drawing
        • Have a route to fund the scholarships for the contest
        • March 12th for contest and event
        • Have an author event too, have teens read out their short stories
    • SLA – Samantha Stepp
      • Information Professionals Panel this past Monday got cancelled, probably moving to Feb 29th.
      • SLA-MN Holiday Party and Silent Auction next Monday – got 20-25 gifts
      • Last meeting Dec. 17th, mostly wrapping up.
    • SAA – Kristell Benson
      • Social hour Dec 14th at Golden’s Deli in St. Paul – EVERYONE invited!
      • Electing new Media Relations Officer and Vice President
      • Fundraising committee looking into new means of raising funds, presenting at January meeting.
      • MN Supreme Court HIstorical Society wants SAA to work on a small project.
      • Warroad wants SAA to work on a project, too.
      • Annual Report due December 31st – sent to SAA National.
    • PLG – Edwin Schenk
      • Things are happening
      • Found someone to be Mailing Officer
      • Partnered with the East Side Freedom Library – hoping to build a library that is a collection of different immigrant communities in the area – zines, etc.
        • Need people with knowledge of Apache and Lynux for building a libguide and catalog
        • Going to host Peter and Bruce for a panel discussion in February to get the word out about the East Side Freedom Library
      • Hosting a PLG Reception in the spring for regional PLG members @ the East Side Freedom Library
  • Committee updates
    • Faculty Development – Antonio Backman
    • Student Services – Wendy Dickman
      • Making sure the student handbook is up-to-date
      • Planning for the next group of entering students
      • New student orientation Jan. 3rd
      • Getting word out about accreditation, could use help from SGO
    • Facilities – Kristell Benson
      • Classroom renovation in CdC 19
        • Will have cart with computers for people to use, maybe Chromebooks
      • Putting floor chargers in CdC 5! No more death by dripping over an electrical cord.
      • Talked about CdC 17 improvement
    • Curriculum – Deb Eschweiler
      • Curriculum Committee has taken over faculty meetings to revise student learning outcomes
    • Program – Allison Current
  • GSAB update – Samantha Stepp
    • Next February the graduate school is putting on two SWEET sounding programs for students’ professional development. The first is a StrengthsQuest session on Wednesday, February 10th from 5:00pm-6:30pm. The second is Salary Negotiation and LinkedIn Success Strategies on Wednesday, February 25th from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Stay tuned for details on locations and how to register.
    • Talk from St. Kate’s Access and Success. Bringing kids to class isn’t unheard of in other programs.
    • Talk from St. Catherine Experience.
  • Reimbursement process
    • How much should we give to student groups?
    • New electronic form launch date
  • December Graduate Reception is Monday, December 21 (time and location TBA). We are responsible for handing out cards and pins and a gift (if we want) to each graduate. GSAB offers a $10 stipend for gifts for graduates so we can take advantage of that, too and get them a nice mug or something from the bookstore.
  • Next semester meeting dates/times
    • First Tuesday of every month, second week of February.
  • Questions? Comments?